Abbots Ripton Cricket Club

Cricket was played in the village, approximately 120 years ago. Records show that Abbots Ripton Cricket Club was the winner of the Smith Barry Junior Cup in 1894 and the Senior Cup in both 1895 and again in 1903. They also won the Coote Cup in 1924 and cricket continued in the village until the late 1950s, when a tragic accident resulted in the death of one of the players, struck by a ball in the temple.

The cricket club was re-established in 1984, when Phil Wanstall and the then Post Office proprietor, Keith Minnet arranged a friendly match against Wood Walton, in what Phil recalls with affection as “a cow field”. After a number of other friendlies in the 1980s, a merger was formed with Spring Common, to give rise to the modern club, with John Powell as the captain and Dave Jones the Club Chairman until 1991 when he was succeeded by the current chairman, Geoff Richardson. Having initially played in the Charles Wells Huntingdonshire League the Club switched to the Cambridgeshire Cricket Association League winning the Junior League Division 6 in 1992.

Over the next 20 years, the Club has been promoted as winners of 7 different divisions but also relegated 4 times. One of the most memorable seasons was in 2000 when the Club had to concede the first three games of the season due to a lack of players, but then went on to win all the remaining games. This put the Club in the curious position of winning the CCA Junior League Division 3 but being relegated to Division 4! The Club has most recently won the CCA Junior League Division 3A in 2012. In other competitions, the Club has won the P Wass Memorial Trophy (1995), the Cranfield Cup (1998 and 2001), the St Ivo Midweek League Division 2 (1995) and Division 1 (1998, 2000 and 2001).  The club is currently looking for new players to join.  It operates a pay to play rather than a subs policy.